Thursday, June 22, 2017

Brutally soft

I am a brutally soft woman
I melt under your skin
through the crack in your wall
tearing your defence down
tearing you down
tearing you down
with the soft curves
of my hips
with the moist darkness
of my womb
with the soothing fulness
of my breast
with the gentle radiance
of my face
with the silent music
of my heart
I tear you down
so you may rise above
your walls
your defence
your past
and become
brutally soft
with your self.

I am a brutally soft woman
I challenge you
where it hurts the most
where you raped me
and blamed me
and forced me to cage my wings
and seal my lips
and cover my hair
and hide my face
and shame my body
and silence my song
where your father did the same
his father's father did
as my mother tolerated
and shame
and promiscuity
and punished my father for it
so we may finally learn
to forgive each other
and be brutally soft

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